Bastos Lima, M.G. (2021). The Politics of Bioeconomy and Sustainability: Lessons from Biofuel Governance, Policies and Production Strategies in the Emerging World. Springer, Dordrecht. [Online access].

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Table of Contents

  • Ch. 1. Introduction: Political Dimensions of the Bioeconomy
  • Ch. 2. The Contested Sustainability of Biofuels in a North-South Context
  • Ch. 3. Governance: Solving or Reproducing Inequalities
  • Ch. 4. International Bioeconomy Governance: Unveiling the Initial Patterns
  • Ch. 5. Brazil Between Bioeconomy Barons and Grassroots Agroecology
  • Ch. 6. India’s Bioeconomy and the Ambition over “Wastelands”
  • Ch. 7. Bioeconomy in the Oil Palm Republic of Indonesia
  • Ch. 8. Bioeconomy Lessons from Biofuel Policies in Emerging Countries
  • Ch. 9. The Politics for a Fairer Bioeconomy